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(Announcement) Learning series started today

Welcome to a series of articles aimed at transforming those who are new or inexperienced CATIA V5 automation programmers into very proficient ones.  There are a lot of people out there who want to learn how to program CATIA V5 but never do because it they are so busy with their primary job role which is typically an engineer or designer not a programmer.  They can see the incredible power that this knowledge can bring but are busy with the day to day grind and just can’t dedicate a large block of time to learn it.

The intent of this series is to walk you through the important things one step at a time.  I am not going to cover everything you need to know by any means.  Instead, I will take you on a quick tour and point out what I think are some of the important things then show you where you can go to learn more.  If you want to go further, it’s up to you to explore a bit on your own.  My goal with this is just to introduce a lot of fundamentals and point you in the right direction to do some self learning.

Each new topic will fit into one of the three chapters listed below:

  • Understanding the Visual Basic language

Data types (First topic posted today)

  • General programming principles
  • Understanding the CATIA object model

For more information, visit the Learning Series page.

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