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How to use the StartCommand method

January 20, 2010 19 comments

In this article I will show how to launch almost any interactive CATIA command from your code.  I sometimes use this method when the command I need to use in my program is not exposed through an automation API.  There are also some rare situations where it might be useful to launch the actual interactive command from your program.  This allows the user to interact with the familiar CATIA dialogs to complete some task, but I will point out a potential problem that will depend on the command and your program flow. Read more…


Two methods to check geometry types

January 11, 2010 13 comments

In this article, I am going to discuss two different methods to interrogate a geometrical feature and understand what type of geometry it is.  By type of geometry I mean point, surface, line, solid and so on.  This is different from the automation object type that you would get from using the Visual Basic TypeName function, which I discussed in a previous article.
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How to get the Part object from virtually any object within it

December 15, 2009 4 comments

Sometimes I run into a situation where I have a variable that refers to some object inside a part and somehow I need to need to get at the part that the object exists in.  Here, I will show an easy way to get the part object from virtually any other child object in that part.
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A comparison of two methods for deleting objects

December 7, 2009 5 comments

In this article, I am going to discuss two different methods for deleting objects using automation.  The first method is provided by the selection object.  This process is very similar to the way you delete things when you use CATIA interactively – you select the items to delete then click delete.  The other method I will show is provided by the HybridShapeFactory object and is a bit more specialized but can be very handy (and even required) in some situations.
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