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Ten compelling reasons to develop your code in VBA

July 10, 2010 10 comments

There certainly are many choices for code development tools at your disposal out there.  Visual Basic is the most popular language for CATIA automation programming but it has many flavors such as VBScript, VBA, VB6 and VB.NET and each has its own development environment / editing tools.  I use all of these tools at different times depending on the requirements of the project I am developing.  However, I find that I almost always tend to do a lot of the code development in VBA even if the final code ends up in a different environment such as VB.NET.

While I have found VBA to be a very efficient tool to develop my code, I have noticed that a lot of people are still developing their programs as scripts in the macro editor that is built into CATIA or some other form of simple text editor.  While this works well enough for a very short and sweet macro, as the length and complexity of your program grows, these tools really become terribly inefficient.  In this article, I am going to going to point out some features that I find very useful in the CATIA VBA editor and that I think will make your life a whole lot easier if you are one of those people who still spends most of their time in the CATIA macro editor.  Even if you are already familiar with VBA, skim through and maybe you can pick up a few tricks. Read more…