About me

My name is Mike Berry and I am a mechanical engineer working in the automotive industry. I have been developing knowledge based engineering (KBE) models and VB based applications in CATIA V5 full time since 1999.

So what is this blog about?

This blog is for anyone who writes automation code for CATIA V5 (CAD software). Automation is very powerful because it allows you to automate repetitive or tedious manual tasks by simply executing a macro or program.

To be specific, the languages that will be discussed here are catvba, catvbs and CATScript.  Topics related to .NET and CAA RADE development will not discussed here.  While I do some development in VB.NET, I want to keep this blog focused on VB6 or “VB Classic” since it is most widely used for this sort of programming.

Who is the target audience?

Whether you are just getting started recording your first macros or you have years of coding under your belt, hopefully you will find some interesting topics here.   Topics will range from good coding practices and techniques to examples of how to use specific CATIA automation interfaces.

How can you easily follow all new posts?

On average, I will post new topics about once a week. Sometimes I may add content more often as time allows. If you want to easily follow all new topics, just click the link in the sidebar to automatically get all new posts by email. This is an incredibly easy way to follow the topics posted here so you don’t have to remember to revisit the site all the time.

Don’t worry,  you won’t get spam! This is just an automated service provided by Google Feedburner.  Finally, if you decide you don’t like it, just unsubscribe at any time. Try it!

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